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Free spins on Monday

Bonus every Monday

All KrakenCasino players can activate the Free Spins bonus every Monday.

Bonus activation.

In order to activate the bonus, you need:
1. Be registered on the KrakenCasino platform, if you are already registered, log in.
2. Go to the bonuses section.
3. On the bonus tile, click the activate button, after which you will be asked to make a deposit.
4. Replenishment (in order for the bonus to become active, you need to make a minimum amount from which the bonus can be activated, what is the minimum and maximum amount for activating the bonus you can find on the bonus tile, in the info section), after replenishment the play button will become available to you.
(4.1) You can start the game by clicking the play button, which will become available on the bonus tile after replenishment.
(4.2) Or you can find the game in the search bar on the main page or in the game search section, in the search bar enter the name of the game that is indicated on the bonus tile, which you activated.
(4.2) For activating the bonus, no money is withdrawn from your real balance! (even if you cancel the bonus, the money remains on your real balance, you can play with your own, separately any games provided on the KrakenCasino platform).
5. The bonus can only be wagered in the specific game that is indicated in the bonus info on the bonus tile.

How to play with the bonus.

After the play button has become available to you, you need to:
1. In the same section (bonuses), on the tile with a bonus, click on the play button.
2. Clicking on the play button will launch the game.
3. In the game you will first need to unlock free spins (you can find the number of spins in the info section, on the bonus tile).
4. After you have unlocked Free Spins you will need to wager the wager in the same game (which wager you can find in the info section on the bonus tile).
5. The bonus has a winning limit (which limit you can find in the info section on the bonus tile).

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